šŸ¤©Strong Start to 2020! šŸ’­

We’re hitting 2020 with a vengeance! Here are a few updates as we continue to scale our company to better serve you as your metrology partner.

Series A Funding Round Complete
We started the year closing our $8M Series A financing. The influx of new capital is helping expand our in-house instrument portfolio and analytical team, and is fueling additional investment in the Covalent Digital Platform to provide improved customer experience.
New Hires
We have added five new team members in the past 6 weeks and now have 30 people on staff. We will be introducingĀ our teamĀ in the months ahead.
New Instruments In-House

We took possession of a gently used, extremely well-equippedĀ Thermo Fisher Scios Dual-Beam FIB-SEM. This system has several outstanding features including both low and high vacuum chamber capability, high-resolution SEM imaging, a full suite of detectors including backscatter, in column, and ETD detectors, 30 keV STEM imaging with bright field(BF), dark-field (DF) and high angle annular dark-field (HAADF) detectors, EZ lift in-situ TEM lamella prep, C and Pt GIS capability multiple charge neutralization strategies for imaging and milling non-conductive materials. Also, it features 110mm stage travel accommodating 150mm samples, and XeF2 etching chemistry.

We acquired an additionalĀ Keyence VK-X1100Ā laser confocal microscope to expand capacity and achieve quicker response times for our valued customers. We have a comprehensive and well-equipped lab for high-resolution 3D topology generation using state of the art non-contact optical profilometry techniques that are suitable on almost any substrate.

Our acoustic microscopy partner, PVA-Tepla, installed a second system, theĀ SAM 501 HDĀ²Ā to accommodate large components such as semiconductor heaters and chucks.

Stay tuned for more! We continue to bring in advanced instrumentation and will soon be updating you on exciting new capabilities arriving in the next three months.

New Covalent Car!
Covalent Metrology Car Prius

We’re coming to pick up your samples in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Ready toĀ schedule your first pick up?

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