Application Note: Analysis of laboratory nitrile gloves: From pores to the surface

Here we describe an approach where the use of multiple techniques has enabled a complete physical characterization of the rubber glove material.

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2647Application Note: Analysis of laboratory nitrile gloves: From pores to the surface

In this study, we demonstrate a new, holistic way to characterize surfaces of flexible rubber materials like nitrile gloves using a full length scale analysis approach. This approach makes use of multiple measurement techniques like gas physisoption (surface area and pore size down to the sub-nm scale), atomic force microscopy (AFM, µm-scale) and pycnometry for skeletal density measurement which also assesses down to the sub-nm level. This approach has the following benefits: a) provides a complete analysis picture of the material, b) demonstrates the use of multiple techniques (instruments) in the Anton Paar product portfolio and c) enables customers to use multiple techniques for getting a complete picture of the rubber glove surface and physical properties.

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