Chromatic Dispersion Profilometry

Chromatic dispersion height measurement

Also known as FRT Chromatic Dispersion Profilometry or Chromatic Confocal Microscopy

Chromatic dispersion height measurement is a surface metrology technique for non-contact and non-destructive characterization of almost all surfaces and films for measurements such as roughness, profiles, topography and film thickness. 


Thin films development, semiconductors, MEMS, optical components, coatings and magnetic materials are common uses chromatic dispersion analyses.

MEASUREMENTS MADE VIA Chromatic dispersion:

  • Measuring Tasks
    • Roughness
    • Step Height
    • Film Thickness
    • Profile
    • Wear Volume
    • 3D Map
    • Roll-off Amount
    • TTV
    • Thickness
    • Waviness
    • Bow
    • Membrane Bow
    • Layer Stacks
    • Defect Size
    • Topography
    • Angle
    • Warp
    • Vias / TSV
    • Bumps
    • Flatness
    • Critical Dimension
    • Slope
    • Radius of Curvature
    • Grain Size
    • Coplanarity
Chromatic White Light Sensor Measures Height

Uses & Limitations of Chromatic Dispersion:

  • What our FRT services are great for:
    • Large (or small) area 3D surface topography measurement (flatness, roughness, etc.)
    • Large (or small) area transparent film thickness mapping
  • Limitations:
    • Measurement of surfaces with steep slopes or curvature
    • Cannot measure opaque film thicknesses

Related Techniques:

Depending on the exact problem you are trying to solve and data desired, potential related techniques are:
Our technical team is happy to clarify on what technique will provide you with the best data.

Chromatic dispersion height measurement

FRT MicroProf 200


Maximum sample size:
x,y: 200 mm
z: 37 mm


Maximum Z Rangex.y Resolutionz Resolution
3 mm1-2 microns90 nm
1 mm5-6 microns30 nm
300 microns1-2 microns9 nm
100 microns1-2 microns3 nm

Maximum measurable surface curvature:
60 degrees