Covalent Metrology Expands Advanced Optical Analysis Lab

New Thermo Fisher Scientific instruments installed in Covalent’s Sunnyvale, CA headquarters offering powerful chemical mapping and infrared spectroscopy services.

May 19, 2021 Sunnyvale, CA. Covalent Metrology is broadening and deepening its extensive portfolio of in-house optical characterization techniques and has further expanded its suite of new, state-of-the-art analytical instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Covalent recently installed Thermo Fisher Scientific’s most advanced Raman Microscope, the DXR3xi, as well as both the Nicolet Continuμm IR microscope and the iS50 FTIR Spectrometer.

Covalent Metrology’s Vice President of Technology, Chris Moore, PhD, shares: “The DXR3xi Raman Microscope enables Covalent to offer Raman Imaging services with industry-leading speed that captures robust chemical mapping information. Additionally, the new Nicolet Continuμm IR microscope and iS50 FTIR spectrometer will support improved sensitivity, speed, and measurement flexibility for existing FTIR services, including the ability to integrate with a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA).” Dr. Moore continued, “Together, these cutting-edge tools will enable Covalent to craft solutions to even more complex analytical questions for our clients.”

The DXR3xi Raman Microscope rapidly captures information-rich visualizations for advanced material applications: from pinpointing biaxial stress points induced in semiconductor thin films to analyzing the origins of defective microcrystalline growth patterns. Clients will benefit by the DXR3xi’s high-speed mapping of chemical, structural, and morphological information with micron-scale spatial resolution in real-time, with instant, predictive insights that highlight defects and irregularities across scanned areas. The installed DXR3xi is optimized for efficient problem solving by the inclusion of three excitation lasers that allow Raman measurements to be collected at 785, 532, and 455 nanometers. Covalent invites clients to gain a firsthand look of their Raman analysis via remote-viewing services, available soon on the DXR3xi system.

Covalent further deepens its optical and chemical testing capabilities with the newly installed Thermo Fisher Scientific Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer and Nicolet Continuµm IR microscope. FTIR is a fast and highly effective technique for analyzing organic materials. It achieves fingerprint identification of polymers and can be adapted to probe crystallinity, isomers, moisture content, and more. Covalent’s new Continuµm IR microscope for microsampling analysis captures spatially resolved chemical information, and its new iS50 FTIR system delivers clearer, more reliable data with improved wavenumber accuracy (better than 0.005 cm-1) and precision (better than 0.0008 cm-1). The installed Nicolet iS50 system is customized to enable integrated thermogravimetric analysis work to be performed for combination TGA-FTIR measurements.

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