Covalent Metrology Launches Nanomechanical Characterization Services

August 9th, 2018 Sunnyvale, CA – Covalent Metrology announced today that it has added thin film nanomechanical characterization to its growing collection of analytical service techniques. This addition enables Covalent’s clients to perform quantitative nanomechanical research and evaluation of their samples. In many cases, the mechanical properties of thin films are critical to commercial applications, but they are difficult to access and measure for labs not equipped with the specific instruments and skills required.

Covalent has acquired a Hysitron TI Premier capable of performing nanoindentation, nanoscratching, and nanowear tests and mesurements. In nano-indentation mode, hardness of films as thin as 50nm can be measured accurately. Nano-wear and Nano-scratch modes give access to important tribological information. Forces applicable range from 70nN to 10N with the high load head. This exceptional flexibility of the instrument means researchers in areas as varied as thin films, optical coatings, displays, consumer electronics will benefit from the technique.

“The Hysitron nano-indent, nano-scratch and nano-wear instrument is the gold standard in nanomechanical testing,” commented Dr. Chris Moore, Covalent’s Vice President of Technology. “The instrument is a great complement to our existing Atomic Force Microscopy capabilities and our growing suite of tools for advanced thin film analysis.”

Craig Hunter, Founder and CEO of Covalent Metrology, stated, “There are a surprising array of applications for thin film nanomechanical analysis and the services options are limited and expensive. We see extensive demand for Hysitron-generated data from companies large and small, including start-ups working in a range of industries from biotech to consumer electronics to energy generation and storage.”

About Covalent Metrology

Covalent Metrology partners with clients to improve their overall metrology capabilities and ecosystem. In addition to our new nano-mechanical capability, in-house analytical services include advanced AFM, XRD/XRR, SEM / EDX, spectral ellipsometry, profilometry and UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometry. The Company offers a suite of services based on client-specific development objectives aimed at improving in-house and external metrology quality, speed and cost. Headquarters are located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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