Chemical Surface Characterization: What’s on My Surface and Should I Care?

This week, Covalent Academy will launch its next webinar miniseries on Surface Chemical Analysis!

For the first episode in the series, we are welcoming back Dr. Chris Moore as our speaker. His talk will branch from our previously covered surface roughness series into chemical analysis, introducing the tools and techniques we use to identify and characterize surface contaminants.

The event, Chemical Surface Characterization: What’s on my surface and should I care?, will be aired live at 11am PDT on May 28th.

Contamination of surfaces can lead to everything from premature mechanical failure of a part, through delamination issues in films and coatings, to total inactivation of chemical and biological sensors. At the same time, not all material deposited on a surface will pose such risk factors. How can we identify what is, and isn’t, ‘real’ contamination?

This webinar will answer that question, and will introduce techniques used in surface chemical analysis to identify real and benign contamination. We will also discuss common problems seen in both data analysis and collection. We welcome viewers from all backgrounds and levels of expertise to attend.

We will be leaving a portion of the webinar for Q & A with our speaker, Dr. Chris Moore, to tackle any lingering ideas you may have.

All Q & A, as well as the slides for the talk and a recording of the webinar will be made available to attendees after the event through the Covalent Community.

About the Speakers

Chris Moore

Dr. Chris Moore has over 30 years of experience in metrology techniques and the development of metrology systems. Originally the VP of Technology for Waterloo Scientific, Chris moved into a technical marketing role and became part of Philips Analytical when WSI was purchased by Phillips. Eventually he became President ad CEO of Phillips Advanced Metrology Systems, Advanced Metrology Systems and finally Semilab USA. After a stint of high technology consulting Chris moved west to join Frontier Semiconductor as VP of Marketing and Sales before joining Covalent as the Vice President of Technology and Operations.

Chris completed his PhD in solid state physics at the University of Waterloo.

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