Surface Charge on Colloids, and Beyond: The Complementarity of Solid and Solution-state Zeta Potential Measurement

In this webinar event, guest speaker Dr. Thomas Luxbacher, Principal Scientist in Surface Charge Analysis at Anton Paar, will explore the complementarity of solid- and solution-state zeta potential measurements. His talk will take you through classical and contemporary applications of these techniques, showcasing their reciprocal insights.

Through this series of case studies, you’ll learn how zeta potential is used today in industry and get a sense of the interplay of solid- and solution-state measurement techniques.

This Webinar will Cover:

  1. Case studies showcasing the utility of zeta potential measurement in industries including Biotechnology, Biopharmaceuticals, and Semiconductors and more
  2. When and why solid-state and solution-state zeta potential measurements are measured
  3. Why these two techniques work best together

The Yin-and-Yang of Zeta Potential Analysis

You may recognize the term “zeta potential” as a descriptive property for particles in solution. In such colloidal systems, this parameter is paramount for predicting interactions, forecasting stability or aggregation, controlling thin film formation, and optimizing formulations. Yet there is an implicit synergy often overlooked in zeta potential analysis. Colloidal particles – in suspensions, emulsions, electrolytic solutions, and more – are rarely interesting on their own. To get a complete picture of these systems, one must probe the dispersed particles and the solid surfaces they interact with.

The applications discussed in this webinar highlight the value of solid- and solution-state zeta potential measurements and exemplify this synergy. Save your spot in the live event to learn how both techniques drive innovation in major industries today.

About the Speakers

Dr. Thomas Luxbacher

Thomas Luxbacher is principal scientist for surface charge and zeta potential at Anton Paar. Prior to his present role, he was a product manager for surface zeta potential analyzers for more than 15 years. Before joining Anton Paar, Thomas gained experience in the semiconductor and automotive businesses. He received his MSc and PhD degrees in Physical Chemistry from Graz University of Technology.

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