Upgrading Metrology Services with Mountains™ 9: Improved Automation, Visualization, and Analysis

The best dataset in the world would be useless without the right tools for data processing, statistical analysis, and visualization. Join in the live event to experience a real-time demonstration of Covalent’s powerful new capabilities enabled by Digital Surf’s new Mountains™ 9 software package and get a glimpse of how this suite of tools can enhance and accelerate characterization services for your project.

Guest speaker Cyrille Charles, Key Account Manager at Digital Surf, will introduce the Mountains™ program and show you how its customizable, automated workflows can enhance both efficiency and reliability in your analysis. He’ll provide a walkthrough demonstration on example datasets collected by Covalent experts that will guide you through several key features for data processing, interpretation, and reporting.

This Webinar Will Answer

  1. What is Mountains™ 9 and why will it enhance my analysis?
  2. What is the real value of presentation-ready reporting?
  3. What tools are available to track, refine, and recycle analytical workflows over time?
  4. How can analysis be coordinated and correlated across different instruments?
  5. How do these tools facilitate improved correlative analysis across different techniques

Reliable, efficient software solutions are crucial for researchers and analysts to extract meaningful conclusions from raw data; they are the necessary complement to cutting-edge instrumentation and expertise when seeking actionable answers to metrology questions. The newly released Mountains™ 9 provides a host of tools that empower analysts to deliver faster, more impactful results. Learn more in the upcoming webinar event.

Mountains™ 9 provides:

  • Robust statistical analysis
  • Built-in and customizable parameter extraction
  • Correlative analysis features for cross-instrument characterization
  • Diverse data visualization tools
  • Powerful image analysis features
  • Analysis workflow automation

About the Speakers

Cyrille Charles

Cyrille is Key Account Manager at Digital Surf. With 15 years’ experience in the field of surface characterization in both sales and support roles, he has a strong background in 3D analysis, photogrammetry and spectrometry. He is currently in charge of developing business with international partners and has extensive industry knowledge of today’s metrology & inspection landscape.

About Covalent Metrology
Covalent Metrology is a disruptive analytical services laboratory and platform based in Sunnyvale, California. Its mission is to help companies who use advanced materials to get better data and insights more easily and affordably to facilitate faster development and production. Covalent is dramatically changing the characterization and imaging landscape by combining transparent pricing, data platforms, and top-notch customer service with world-class scientists, state-of-art tools, and strategic partnerships.

Covalent now has over 500 customers in 30+ industries.

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