Covalent Sample Pick-up Service – BETA TEST

Covalent Sample Pick up Service – BETA TEST

Welcome to the BETA version of our Sample Pick up Program, in partnership with Senpex.

Our goal is to get your samples to Covalent easily, quickly, inexpensively, and safely.

  • Easily:
    • We pay the courier up front, so you don’t need a corporate card or PO. Then we include the fee in your invoice.
    • Moreover, Senpex mobile apps enable 1) order tracking, and 2) notification at pick up and delivery (including pictures as proof).
  • Quickly: Order sample pick up for delivery in just minutes, with a choice of speed:
    • “urgent” (pick up within 30-minutes for delivery in 2 hours) or
    • “non-urgent” (for deliveries within 12 hours)
  • Inexpensively: We have negotiated discounts on your behalf:
    • 15% off “urgent” service
    • 6% off “non-urgent” service
  • Safely: Senpex has years of experience with sensitive materials and high-tech companies.

Initially, pick up service is only for Bay Area customers sending samples to our Sunnyvale facility.

Get Senpex Account

To use Senpex via Covalent you must get an account via this button

Print Instructions

Print this page for easy reference when placing orders

Get the Senpex app to manage your Pick ups

Senpex 24/7 Call Center:  (669) 777-5733

To join our program, simply follow these steps:

  1. Use the button “Get Senpex Account” above to get a Senpex account that is linked to Covalent. No payment info will be required.
  2. Wait for confirmation that your Senpex account has been accepted by Covalent.
  3. Then, log-in to your Senpex account and click “Place an Order”, where:
    1. Pick up address is the address where sample is located
    2. Delivery address is Covalent at 921 Thompson Place, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
    3. Value is 250
    4. Size is small
    5. Coupon code is “Covalent2019” to get negotiated discounts
  4. Once that information has been entered, choose from the 2 options and prices:
    1. urgent” (pick up in 30-40 minutes for delivery in 2 hours), or
    2. non-urgent” (for delivery in under 12 hours).
    3. You will be charged via your Covalent invoice for the service you select.
  5. Then enter a few more details:
    1. For “What are you sending?”: put in “samples”
    2. For “Notes to courier”:
      1. Provide info helpful for the courier to find the right building, right door, right person.
      2. Please note: The Courier will have the phone number and email that you provide at sign up.
    3. For receiver name & phone: Use either Sophie @ (669) 233-5022 or Gene @ (408) 594-5190
    4. Hit the “Pay $xx.xx” button
    5. Choose “use existing card” – which is Covalent’s account on your behalf. Again – you will pay later via your Covalent invoice.
    6. And that’s it. The courier will be dispatched to pick up your samples per your instructions.
    7. You can follow the progress on the Senpex site or mobile app.
  6. To help you, these instructions can be printed on this page.
  7. And finally, thank you for participating – and please send any feedback to