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Covalent Metrology Expands Advanced Optical Analysis Lab

New Raman and FTIR instruments installed in Covalent's headquarters offer powerful chemical mapping and infrared spectroscopy services.

Covalent Metrology Introduces Fast, Flexible Thermal Analysis Capabilities Using New High-Performance Instruments

The Installation of a new, top-of-line TA Instruments DSC and TGA expands Covalent’s portfolio of advanced thermal testing services.

Covalent Metrology, Anton Paar USA expand surface analysis partnership with nanoindenter offering

Covalent Metrology has expanded its Anton Paar portfolio with the addition of a new STeP6 surface characterization platform.

Reflections on 2020, and a Look Ahead to a Brighter New Year

Before bidding a final and much-anticipated “good riddance” to 2020, I would like to thank our customers, partners, and investors on behalf of the entire team here at Covalent Metrology for supporting us through such a difficult year. Like so many other companies, Covalent encountered unforeseen and substantial headwinds over most of this past year.  ...

Update on COVID 19

Covalent Metrology is open for business and performing characterization work on samples not limited to just Essential businesses. The Covalent Team and facility are making every effort to be in compliance will all local, State, and Federal mandates and guidelines. We are not allowing open access at this time, however, we are open for accepting sample drop-offs and receiving deliveries during normal business hours.

Covalent Metrology Reveals New Website, Modernizing Analytical Services for Materials & Device Characterization

Covalent Metrology, a leader in materials science and analytical services, is proud to announce the release of its new, fully redesigned website. The launch underscores Covalent’s commitment to making world-class metrology and material characterization accessible, fast, and affordable for companies and teams of all sizes and is a key milestone in the advancement of Covalent’s Metrology Platform.

Goodbye to Our Good Friend and Teammate, Roger Jay

We are very sad to report the unexpected and untimely passing of our friend and dear teammate Roger Jay. Roger had an accomplished career in failure analysis working with a number of leading firms including Solectron, Jabil and Brocade.  In 2012, he founded SMT Analytical to provide PC Board inspection and failure analysis services to a wide array of clients.  He successfully ran his own business for 6 years before agreeing to merge with and join Covalent Metrology in January of 2019.

Covalent Metrology Acquires Riga Analytical Lab

Covalent Metrology, a leading provider of metrology and analytical services to advanced materials innovation companies, announced the acquisition of Riga Analytical Lab, an independent laboratory located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The acquisition is effective immediately.

Covalent Metrology Introduces Major Advancement in (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy (S/TEM) Analytical Services

Covalent Metrology has completed installation of a new Thermo Scientific Talos F200X G2 S/TEM at its Sunnyvale, CA headquarters. This system, available now, generates clearer images with greater and improved elemental and structural information compared to earlier generation S/TEMs.

Covalent Metrology Announces New FIB-SEM Services with Significant Advances in Imaging Resolution

The introduction of two cutting-edge dual-beam focused ion beam scanning electron (FIB-SEM) microscopes at Covalent’s Sunnyvale, CA headquarters will provide clients faster, deeper, and more advanced analytical capabilities.

Covalent Metrology Installs Advanced Surface Analysis Instrument from Thermo Scientific

Covalent Metrology is pleased to announce the installation of a new Thermo Scientific Nexsa X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) System at our Sunnyvale, CA headquarters. This system, available now, expands the Covalent service offerings to include two new surface characterization techniques: ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS) and ion-scattering spectroscopy (ISS), and allows more precise, advanced analyses with XPS.

Dr. Chris Moore Delivers X-Ray Diffraction Technical Webinar at NCCAVS TFUG Online Seminar

Covalent’s Vice President of Technology, Dr. Chris Moore, lent his expertise in X-ray metrology to the Thin Film User Group of the Northern California chapter of AVS (NCCAVS) for their online technical seminar in May, 2020. The meeting explored state-of-art thin-films metrology and characterization applications for semiconductors and related fields.

Asylum Research and Covalent Metrology Collaborate to Promote Industrial Applications of Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy

Oxford Instruments Asylum Research and Covalent Metrology announced today that the two companies have signed a joint collaboration aimed at further developing and promoting commercial applications for several advanced modes of atomic force microscopy (AFM).

New Anton Paar Demo Lab Commissioned at Covalent Metrology

Covalent Metrology is excited to formally announce the hiring of Dr. Sophia Yan to run our newly commissioned Rheological and Particle Characterization lab. As was announced in Dec, 2020, the facility will dually serve another purpose as the Silicon Valley demo lab for our strategic instrument partner, Anton Paar.

J.A. Woolam and Covalent Metrology Announce Ellipsometry Partnership

J.A. Woollam and Covalent Metrology Services have announced a partnership to promote and further advance spectroscopic ellipsometry technology, a powerful analytical technique used to optically characterize advanced materials and thin films.

Anton Paar and Covalent Metrology Announce Broad Collaboration, Silicon Valley Demo Showroom

Anton Paar, a leading manufacturer of laboratory and process instrumentation, has selected Covalent Metrology to be the home of its new Silicon Valley demo showroom.

PVA TePla America and Covalent Metrology Announce Collaboration

PVA TePla America, a leading equipment manufacturer and supplier of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) and Plasma Treatment systems, has signed a cooperative agreement with Covalent Metrology, a leading provider of analytical services to advanced materials innovation companies.

Covalent Metrology and Rigaku Extend Partnership with Installation of Advanced X-Ray Characterization Tools at New Facility

Rigaku Corporation, the world's leading supplier of X-ray metrology technology, is pleased to announce the installation of two of its newest analytical instruments in the recently-expanded Sunnyvale, CA service lab of Covalent Metrology, a leading provider of analytical services to advanced materials innovation companies.

Covalent Metrology Acquires SMT Analytical

Covalent Metrology announced today that it has acquired SMT Analytical and entered the Materials Failure Analysis business.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Covalent Metrology to partner with Rigaku to deliver New Semiconductor Lab Resources in Silicon Valley