PCBA, Mechanical Cross-Section, Metallography Price List


Application Technique / Task Pricing starts @
Cross-Sectioning Standard Plastic Components $350 each
Ten or more Samples $300 each
Ceramic Components $400-450 each
Large Components $400-450 each
Samples requiring encapsulation prior to cutting
(Double Encapsulation)
$400 each
Additional slices, same mount $275 / slice
Dye & Pry Testing(w/ Images & report) Sample prep and pull $350/ sample
2 or more from same board $300 each
Light microscopy: Compound & Stereo-zoom Image capture, linear & area measurements:
including report prep
$175/ hour
Metrology & Microscopy Services Transmission X-Ray (HR): Inspection & Imaging $300/ hour
3D Non-Contact Video Measurement 2 hour min. $175 / hour
FULL-SUITE of metrology services available in core labs By technique
Board Cleanliness Testing Ion Chromatography (IC) Analysis Please contact us
– C3 Localized Extraction Please contact us
– Full Board Extraction Please contact us
Additional Laboratory Services De-cap Plastic Components
(Expose Die and Wire Bonds)
Please contact us
AMI – Acoustic Imaging
(De-lamination, Void Detection, etc)
Please contact us
4-Point Probe Please contact us
Strain Gauge Testing Please contact us
Engineering Services & Consulting Advanced Analysis and Interpretation $150 / hour
On-site Training for Laboratory Techniques Please contact us
On-site Training for IPC Certification Please contact us
Laboratory Start-up or Expansion Please contact us

* For standard jobs in these techniques, which is determined at quote issuance

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