Customer Appreciation Holiday Celebration Recap

Covalent Metrology Team Photo

Covalent Metrology Holiday

Covalent Metrology held its first customer appreciation event!

Co-sponsoring was Mr. Jiro Kitaura from the Rigaku Corporation and Mr. Bill Marsh of PVA TePla America!

Covalent Metrology Team Photo

Covalent Metrology Holiday Photos

Covalent Metrology Holiday Video Clips

Did you get to chat with our team and explore all our instruments? Have a colleague that could benefit from a tool we have?

Here’s the current inventory:

Rigaku Equipment (all installed and up and running)
SmartLab XRD w/ heated stage, high res optics, etc.
AZX400 WDXRF – capable up to 400mm parts (targets, for example)
GT Lab HX micro-CT (up to 130keV)

Anton Paar
Surpass 300 Zeta Potential analyzer for flat surfaces (installed, awaiting some facilities)
Litesizer 500 DLS (installed, awaiting some facilities)
PSA 1190 Particle Size Analyzer (laser diffraction – up to 2.5mm particles) – on the way
MC302 Rheometer – on the way
Tosca 400 AFM – Jan / Feb

SAM 302 acoustic microscope (up and running)
Second one in a few weeks (larger parts)
Thermo Fisher
Helios G5 FIB/SEM – Feb
Nexsa XPS with UPS & ISS – Feb

Others (all installed and up and running)
Perkin Elmer UV-Vis 1050
Nicolet 6700 FTIR / ATR-FTIR with microscope
FRT chromatic aberration
Bruker Dimension Icon AFM
Bruker Hysitron Ti Premier 950
Hitachi 4700 w/ EDX
Keyence VK1100 laser confocal
Keyence VR3200
Keyence VH digital microscope
Zygo ZeGage Plus White Light Interferometer
Dektak Stylus Prof.
Water Contact Angle
Tabers (rotary and linear)
Polishers / manual sample prep / pull testers for “dye and pry”

And, of course, our network of partner labs
TEM, ICPMS, GCMS, DSC, TGA, DMA, ToF-SIMS, Auger and more

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Meanwhile, thank you again for making our holiday open house such a success!

We are immensely grateful to be your trusted partner!

-Team Covalent