SEM Services



Scanning Electron Microscopy is used in a broad array of techniques to characterize materials and devices as well as to prepare samples for characterization by other techniques. Covalent has broad capabilities in SEM & HR SEM, wide area SEM, CD-SEM, defect review SEM, SEM-EDX and FIB-SEM. For a high-level summary of our SEM related services, please refer to the table below.

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SEM TechniqueTypical Measurements
SEM & HR-SEMSEM enables measurement and imaging of sample surfaces to a resolution of ~10nm
High-resolution SEM utilizes a mono-chromatic, thermal field-emission electron gun, to achieve imaging resolution down to sub-nm scale on ideal sample types
SEM & FE-SEMRelated techniques to ascertain particle size, feature dimensions, surface imaging, sample structure,etc.
Top-down and cross-sectional variants.
CD-SEMTo measure defect size, layer thickness, surface roughness, etc.
Defect Review SEMTo image a specific sample site for defects.
FIB-SEMCombines the imaging capabilities of an SEM, with an extra column that utilizes a focused beam of ions to mill/remove material, at site-specific locations.
Top down and cross-sectional variants.
SEM-EDSCombines SEM with energy dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy to generate composition maps.