Covalent Expands Surface Characterization Capabilities with Two New Keyence Instruments

Covalent Expands Surface Characterization Capabilities with Two New Keyence Instruments

Feb 28, 2019, Santa Clara, CA.  Covalent Metrology announced today that it has acquired two advanced optical instruments from Keyence Corporation:  the recently released VR-5200 Wide Area 3D Measurement System and a VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope.  In combination with an existing Keyence VK-1100 Laser Confocal Microscope and VR-3200 Wide Area 3D Measurement System, Covalent now has the largest set of Keyence instruments available at any outsourced analytical service lab.


Covalent’s surface imaging toolset also includes:  White Light Interferometry (Zygo ZeGage Plus), Scanning Probe Microscopy (Bruker Dimension Icon / FastScan), and Scanning Electron Microscopy (Hitachi S-4700 with 70mm EDAX silicon drift detector).


Detailed specifications of the new Keyence instruments are shown below:

VR-5200 Wide Area 3D Measurement System

Non-contact 3D measurement of parts to obtain form, contour, and roughness

As little as one second to measure a single FOV; 4x faster than conventional systems

Can cover a range up to 200 x 100 x 50 mm

Compare 3D scans to source CAD files to find defects

Measure volumes, areas, profiles, flatness and more with an accuracy better than 5 µm

VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope

VH-ZST Lens: 20x-2000x magnification with brightfield, darkfield and mixed lighting

Always in focus; automatic depth composition

High-speed image stitching (up to 20,000 x 20,000 pixels)

Multi-angle observation; tilt the lens up to 90 degrees

Hand-held mode for large parts

Advanced software and lighting options to optimize image quality

Transmission lighting via interchangeable glass stage plate


Great pricing & options are available for the new Keyence tools: 

Due to the speed of the VR-5200, per image costs will be 20-30% lower than the VR-3200 tool

The VHX-6000 will be available at $225 / hour

Both instruments are also available for direct customer use at reduced prices


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