X-Ray CT

x-ray ct services

X-ray computed tomography is used to obtain a 3D image of an object. This allows us to peer inside samples such as plastic or metal parts, batteries, circuit boards, and porous media. Almost any solid can be imaged, and regions with different densities will be revealed. These images can be used to assist in failure analysis (such as locating cracks and voids) or determining properties like pore size and shape.  

Scans can take as little as a few minutes, and resolution can be as high as 5 um. Additionally, we can provide image analysis services in order to quantify dimensions or characteristics of a sample. 

Sample geometry limitations: The performance of this technique depends on the size, shape, and composition of the sample. Larger samples or samples in a plate-like geometry can limit the resolution. It is also possible to collect 2D images.


Micro CT Image
This image demonstratesthe microstructure of a well-known object (ear plug) and its small features.
Micro CT and Electronics
Here is imaging of common electronics such as an SD card


Call us (408-498-4611) or email us to go over the details of the sample you would like us to analyze. 

Example Outputs

3D Images

2D Images