Battery Material Quality: The Importance of Physical Properties - 1.9:1 Webinar Image

Join this webinar to learn what underlying physical properties of battery materials inform the stability and performance of assembled cells, and how these properties are measured.

This session is specifically designed for professionals, researchers, and tech enthusiasts interested in the cutting-edge of battery research. We’ll overview a variety of analytical solutions developed for testing and improving battery materials and components, highlighting the latest instrument technologies from Covalent’s partner, Anton Paar.

You’ll Learn:

  1. What are some of the most important physical properties of battery materials and slurries?
  2. How key material properties impact battery performance?
  3. Which characterization techniques measure these properties?
  4. How do Anton Paar’s analytical tools maximize accuracy for testing battery materials?

What makes or breaks battery performance?
Why, what the batteries are made of!

The lifespan, safety, and performance of batteries depend on the quality and characteristics of the materials that go into their electrodes, separators, current collectors, and electrolytes. These components comprise reactive, sometimes volatile materials that must be robustly analyzed throughout the production process to maximize the reliability and efficiency of the final battery cell. An added benefit: comprehensive testing also enables engineers to dial in processing parameters to improve yield and consistency.

Fundamental material characteristics like the particle size, shape, and porosity of raw electrode materials will affect their dispersibility, flowability, sedimentation/stability, structural recovery after application, and the drying and calendaring behavior of the deposited layer.

By correlating performance and processing behaviors to measurable, underlying material properties researchers are empowered to run more effective simulations. This, in turn, leads experts to identify new high-performance material candidates and opportunities for optimization in their existing processes.

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About the Speaker

Anthony Chalou

Head of Market Development, Anton Paar

Anthony Chalou joined Anton Paar in April 2022 as a Global Market Development Manager for the battery industry. He has two Master’s degrees in Analytical Chemistry and Food Quality Management and 18 years of experience in the analytical instrumentation industry in various capacities, including spectroscopy, chromatography, and material characterization.