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We are a state-of-the-art materials characterization company staffed by world-class scientists and engineers.

  • We provide characterization, imaging, and measurement services of advanced materials and devices
  • We also perform mechanical cross-sectioning, metallography and PCBA analysis
  • We offer consulting services to solve problems from lab to fab

Covalent Metrology is a modern materials characterization company staffed by world-class scientists and engineers


Covalent Metrology invites you to attend the 14th episode of our Covalent Academy webinar series, presented by Covalent’s own Dr. Max Junda (Senior Member of Technical Staff, Optical Characterization Lab).

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry is a powerful and highly sensitive metrology technique. However, unlocking its full potential requires more than collecting sound data. Nearly all results are only obtained after fitting optical models to the measurements; a sometimes-challenging process with significant repercussions for analytical accuracy. 

In this episode, we will discuss the many considerations and strategies that go into developing appropriate optical models for a variety of spectral ellipsometry applications.

The event, Shining a Light on Optical Modeling for Spectral Ellipsometry, will be aired live on August 6, 2020 at 11am PDT.

Past episodes can be accessed by registrants through our Community.

Complimentary Sample Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Now it’s easier than ever to access great testing services! Schedule sample pick-up or drop-off now and our “Little Blue” Prius will come to you!

We provide free local sample pick-up and drop off in the San Francisco Bay area for all jobs over $1,000, and will courier other samples for a small service fee. Give us a call with any questions, or schedule online and one of our commercial team members will be in touch with you soon.

Pricing: Analytical Services

Characterization, Imaging & Measurement Services

  • Our pricing is usually 20-30% lower than leading competitors
  • No price premiums, even when we can get you data the same day
ApplicationTechniqueInstrumentPricing starts @
Crystallinity, composition and residual stress:
Thin films, bulk & other low texture materials
XRD: Qual. Phase IDRigaku Smartlab$380 / sample
XRD: Crystallinity, Crystallite Size OR Texture AnalysisRigaku Smartlab$3801 / sample
– 2 of 3 aboveRigaku Smartlab$6001 / sample
– All 3 aboveRigaku Smartlab$8001 / sample
XRD: Quant. Phase IDRigaku Smartlab$600 / sample
XRD: Residual StressRigaku Smartlab$380 / sample

Orientation, composition, quality and residual stress:

Epitaxial films, single crystals & other high texture materials

XRD: Pole FiguresRigaku Smartlab$400 / sample
XRD: OffcutRigaku Smartlab$400 / sample
XRD: Residual StressRigaku Smartlab$6002 / sample
XRD: Rocking Curves, Quality (per plane)Rigaku Smartlab$5002 / sample
XRD: Rocking Curves, Composition & Thickness (per plane)Rigaku Smartlab$7002 / sample
Thickness, density, interfacial roughnessXRRRigaku Smartlab$500 / sample
Optical constants, thicknessSpectral Ellipsometry, Mapping, 10-pointWoollam VASE 2000 DI$250 / sample
Spectral Ellipsometry, Variable Angle, Single-pointWoollam VASE 2000 DI$125 / sample
Optical transmission, reflectionUV-VIS-NIR SpectrophotometryPerkin Elmer 1050$125 / sample3

Surface Topography / Roughness

Critical Dimension Analysis

Step Heights / Thicknesses

Laser ConfocalKeyence VK-X1100$300 / hour
White Light InterferometryZygo ZeGage Plus$225 / hour
Wide-area 3D measurementKeyence VR-3200$225 / hour
Keyence VR-5200$275 / hour
Advanced Optical MicroscopyKeyence VHX-S660E$225 / hour
AFM / SPM: Roughness / TopographyBruker Dimension Icon/FastScan$175 / image4
AFM: Advanced Modes (KPFM)Bruker Dimension Icon/FastScan$475 / hour
μ-CTRigaku CT Lab HX130Please contact us
Chromatic Dispersion ProfilometryFRT$360 / hour
SEMHitachi 4700$225 / hour
HR-SEMThermo Fisher G5 FEI Scios DB (magnetic sample)$375 / hour

Large Area SEM

(up to 15”)

FEI Expida 1265$325 / hour

Environmental SEM

(temp cont, CL)

FEI Quanta ESEM$325 / hour

Cross sectional analysis:

Structure, thicknesses, interfaces, composition

SEM + EDX/EDSHitachi 4700 w/ EDAX 70mm Octane Elect Si Drift Detector$275 / hour
FIB-HR-SEMThermo Fisher G5 FEI Scios DB (magnetic sample)$375 / hour
FIB-HR-SEM + EDX/EDS$400 / hour
TEM (include sample prep)Thermo Fisher Talos FEI Tecnai$850 / sample
TEM + EDX/EDS$1250 / sample
TEM + EELS$1500 / sample5
Hardness, adhesion, coefficient of friction, stressNano-IndentBruker Hysitron TI Prem$300 / sample
Scratch$450 / sample
Wear-box$700 / sample
Particle size / locationParticle Counter (SP1)SurfScan SP1$225 / wafer
Particle Counter (SP3)SurfScan SP3$400 / wafer
Particle size distributionDynamic Light Scattering (DLS)Litesizer 500$325 / wafer
Particle Size Analysis (PSA)PSA 1190LD$150 / sample#
RheologyViscosity & Rheological PropertiesRheometer MCR 302$350 / wafer
Zeta PotentialColloidal Dispersion Litesizer 500$300 / sample#
Solid Surface SurPASS 3$300 / sample#
Polymer AnalysisTGATA Instruments Q600 or equivalent$300 / sample
DSCTA Instrument DSC-2920$300 / sample
TMATA Instrument Q400Please contact us
DMATA Instrument Q800Please contact us
FTIR Microscope (Ge/Diamond-C Crystal)Thermo Fisher Nicolet 6700$225 / sample
TGA-FTIRPerkin Elmer, TA Inst.$600 / sample
Pyrolysis FTIRPerkin Elmer, CDS pyrolyzer$250 / sample
Surface & Bulk
XPS-SurveyThermo Scientific Nexsa or equivalent$365 / sample6
XPS-Survey Hi Res$730 / sample6
XPS-Depth Profile$1095 / sample
XPS-Mapping$1460 / sample
XPS-ISS $365 / sample
XPS-UPS (Valence Band)Please contact us
XPS-UPS (Band Gap Measurement)Please contact us
TOF-SIMSION-TOF Model IVPlease contact us
TOF-SIMSPHI$800 / hour
EPMA-BasicCameca SX100$325 / sample
EPMA-Complete$650 / sample
AugerCustom$335 / hour
Auger-Higher-end scanningPHI 710$650 / hour
WDXRF-Survey scan QuantificationRigaku AZX400$400 / hour7
Elemental & Chemical AnalysisNMR: LiquidBruker Avance III-HD 500 MHz NMR & Others$80/ sample
NMR: SolidBruker Avance III-HD 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer$700 / sample
FTIRNicolet 6700 and others$225 / sample
ATR-FTIRPerkin Elmer Optima$175 / sample
ICPMS / ICP-OES$350 / prep
$450 / sample
LA-ICPMSContact us$700 / sample
GD-MSContact us$600 / sample
Pyrolysis & Thermal Desorption GCMSAgilent 7890GC with 5975 MS$390 / sample

* For standard jobs in these techniques, which is determined at quote issuance

1 If given accurate qualitative phase ID

2 If given crystallographic orientation

3 Minimum 3 images at this price

4 Minimum 4 samples at this price

12: Copyright Covalent Metrology, 2019

Insights beyond raw data

We have world-class metrologists working side-by-side with accomplished engineers & scientists in a high-touch & quality-centric way

Our customer engagement model is superior. We work to:

  • Understand your goals and problem statement — clearly and precisely
  • Make thoughtful recommendations regarding both effectiveness AND economics
  • Generate great data on high-quality, calibrated and well-maintained instruments
  • Meet to review & interpret results and then assist you in thinking through next steps

As a material characterization services company, our mission is to help with your characterization, measurement, and imaging work as a trusted partner in achieving your objectives. Whether discussing data on a standard sample or helping on complex consulting engagements, we bring insight and experience.

Flexible services

We have a variety of programs to address the different needs of our customers

  • Membership pricing

    Pre-purchase in bulk to get pricing well below our already competitive “standard” prices.
  • Co-op programs

    Let Covalent host and/or operate your instruments. A smart option when considering buying new instruments or for managing tools you own that are underutilized, expensive or difficult to operate/maintain. Covalent’s customers get better results for less CAPEX + OPEX, while maintaining preferred access.
  • consulting services

    Leverage Covalent professionals to provide specific expertise or even stand in for in-house Metrology functions.
  • Custom bundles

    Solve your toughest problems with custom contracts combining Consulting Services with bulk-priced Sample Testing.

Upcoming and Recent Events

August 4, 2020 – Covalent’s Chris Moore, Vice President Technology to present at Rigaku’s Virtual Analytical X-Ray Convention,  “Technology Insights & Trends Across the Metrology and Material Characterization Industry”  


May 28, 2020 – NCCAVS Thin Film Users Group (TFUG) Virtual Meeting 2:45 pm: X-Ray Diffraction From the Easy to the Hard. Featuring Chris Moore, VP Technology at Covalent Metrology  

February 4-6, 2020 – APEX EXPO IPC 2020

IPC APEX EXPO is the largest event for electronics manufacturing in North America with more than 9,000 professionals from 45 countries.

Dec. 4, 2019—SMTA Silicon Valley Chapter

Covalent Metrology is showcasing it’s failure analysis and materials characterization services to the SMTA community

Nov. 20-21, 2019—IDTechEX

Covalent Metrology will be exhibiting at the IDTechEX to showcase its characterization services for the the latest trends happening in Materials, Manufacturing and Component Innovation. 

Nov. 5-7, 2019—MicroTech Innovation Summit 2019

Craig Hunter, Covalent Metrology CEO, is a Technology Innovation Showcase Presenter on “Metrology and Characterization: Emerging Techniques for MEMS and Sensors Devices.”

Latest Publications

Atomic Force Microscopy for Advanced Optical Components

New applications for optical components place ever-higher demands on surface roughness and finish specifications. Current generation atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques provide accurate 3D images with sub-angstrom accuracy in less than a minute. These advancements make AFM ideal for applications requiring more detailed information than available with optical interferometry techniques.

Mid-Range Optical Profilometry: An Overview

Profilometry for surface characterization and dimensioning is a key area of expertise for Covalent Metrology and is proving invaluable to customers across a wide range of applications. At Covalent Metrology, profilometry covers a complete range of surface features using everything from atomic force microscopy (AFM) to optical systems to mechanical stylus systems. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the technology behind each of the three optical profilometry techniques Covalent Metrology offers and to discuss the relative advantages of each of them.

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