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  • Advanced Modeling and Data Analysis

    Advanced Modeling and Data Analysis

    Generating great data is often just the starting point of unlocking insights. For many analytical techniques, specialized expertise is often needed to interpret, model, and analyze data. At Covalent, our mission is to help customers with all their metrology and characterization needs – whether we generated the data or not. Our experts are available to…

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  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Covalent’s consulting solutions provide a cost-effective way to flex your team’s capacity and accelerate the resolution of your R&D challenges. Customers enjoy flexible access to a broad and deep bench of state-of-the-art instruments and world-class experts without the capital and fixed costs associated with extensive internal staffing and labs. Consulting relationships can be crafted around…

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  • Failure Analysis

    Failure Analysis

    The right Failure Analysis partner will help you find solutions faster. Contact Us When you encounter a problem or performance defect with your part or device, it can cause serious stalls in development and production. These delays cost you time and money unnecessarily. Working with a qualified Failure Analysis partner like Covalent can accelerate problem-solving by infusing…

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  • Live-View


    Covalent Live View makes data collection more immersive. Wherever you are in the world – you can now participate in your sample’s live analysis session with a Covalent Expert. You’ll see what our experts see through Covalent Live View. Experience cutting-edge instrumentation first-hand and discuss your analytical project in real-time as it unfolds. Live View with Covalent Experts…

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  • Method Development

    Method Development

    The “right” analytical technique for a particular project depends on many factors. Traditional approaches and known methods may be too expensive or too slow. Perhaps the customer does not want the sample to be destroyed or physically altered during the analysis. Or perhaps sensitivity to a particular characteristic or element is insufficient with typical methods.…

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