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When you encounter a problem or performance defect with your part or device, it can cause serious stalls in development and production. These delays cost you time and money unnecessarily.

Working with a qualified Failure Analysis partner like Covalent can accelerate problem-solving by infusing your team with actionable data and domain-specific expertise.

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Our Solutions

Covalent provides diverse solutions to support several key technology areas. Listed below are technologies which we support most extensively at this time. While we offer a wide range of analytical solutions for numerous industries, this list is not comprehensive.

If you don't see your problem listed here, please get in touch! Our experts collaborate with over 39 partner labs to support just about any application imaginable.

Featured Applications:
Microchips and Sensors
  • Cracking
  • Wire bond failures
  • Solder joint failures
  • Plating issues
  • Contamination
  • ESD failures
  • Raw material impurity analysis
  • Product identification
  • Electrolyte diffusion
  • Non-destructive X-ray evaluation
  • Thermal runaway investigation
  • Analysis of outgassing products
Electronic Devices
  • Fracture and fatigue
  • De-adhesion
  • Stress-driven diffusion
  • Electromigration
  • Radiation embrittlement
  • Corrosion and degradation
  • Dendrite growth
  • Thermal phase transitions
  • OLED/LCD failures
  • Display / color filter / TFT glass fracture
  • Layer delamination
  • Optically-clear adhesive issues
  • Anisotropic conductive filler issues
  • Trace corrosion identification
  • Circuit editing
Medical Devices
  • Quality control to meet rigorous industry standards
  • Corrosion analysis
  • Mechanical failures
  • Electrical failures
  • Small-scale mechanical property and mechanical response testing
  • Brittle fractography
  • Composite delamination
  • Encapsulation issues
  • Electrical failures
  • Mechanical damage
  • Moisture degradation
  • Catalyst performance
  • Battery material degradation
  • Corrosion
  • Mechanical failures
  • Sensor failures
Polymers and Adhesives
  • Formulation analysis
  • Property degradation
  • Thermal analysis
  • Rheology and viscosity
  • Bulk, large, and small-scale mechanical behavior
Chemicals and Materials
  • Chemical composition
  • Detection of impurities or contaminants
  • Particle size and morphology
  • Porosity and surface area
  • Zeta potential
  • Crystallinity

FA Leadership

Dr. Pralav Shetty

Dr. Pralav Shetty

Director of Engineering Consulting and R&D Solutions

Technical Background: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science

Specialty Fields: Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy, Metallurgy, Layered Materials

Experience: OLED/LED Displays, Housing, Inks, Batteries, Battery Management Systems, PCBs, ICs, Adhesives

Audrey Chamoire

Dr. Audrey Chamoire

Sr. Member of Technical Staff

Technical Background: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering

Specialty Fields: Chemical, mechanical, electrical and thermal characterization of bulk, nano and thin films materials. Structure-property relationship.

Experience: Batteries, LEDs, PCBs, ICs, counterfeit detection

Covalent's Failure Analysis team leaders work with all our analytical service groups, combining deep domain expertise with the knowledge and operational excellence of our internal and partnered technique experts. Your project will reap the benefits from access to our full-suite analytical capabilities backed by world-class experts in metrology, and in your industry

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Pillars of Excellence

  • Latest Analytical Instrumentation

    Covalent Metrology operates out of a premium analytical services lab located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. This facility includes $20M worth of modern, state-of-the-art instrumentation supporting over 150 metrology and characterization techniques.

  • Convenient Digital Platform

    We strive to make it fast and easy to engage outsource support for metrology. Our secure digital platform enables you to communicate with our experts, view and explore your results, and manage your team and projects all through the Cloud.

  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

    Whatever you need done: we aim to help. We offer techniques and services you won't find anywhere else! And, to ensure maximal coverage for client requests, Covalent also has a rich network of partnerships with over 39 vetted, high-quality service labs and 12 global leaders in analytical technologies development.

  • Differentiated Service Models

    Traditional modes of engaging an outsource lab leave much to be desired. We work to develop deeper understanding of our clients' unique business goals, challenges, and needs in order to provide a higher-touch, higher-throughout, and higher-quality experience. Send Us a Message to learn more about the advantages of a new kind of metrology partnership