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Covalent Metrology and JEOL Announce Partnership, Silicon Valley Demonstration Facility

The two leaders announced a partnership that includes a new JEOL demonstration facility located in Covalent’s Silicon Valley lab. The partnership will accelerate applications development and broaden client access to a suite of state-of-art instrumentation and analytical services.

Covalent Metrology and JEOL Announce Partnership, Silicon Valley Demonstration Facility

December 07, 2021 – Sunnyvale, CA. Covalent Metrology, a leading North American provider of analytical services, announces its partnership with JEOL a global leader in the development of cutting-edge scientific instruments used in microscopy, analytical chemistry, and materials characterization. JEOL’s state-of-art metrology instruments spanning these disciplines are coming soon to the announced JEOL USA demonstration facility, located within Covalent’s Silicon Valley lab.

Covalent works with scientists and engineers from more than thirty industries, including semiconductor, battery and energy storage, electronics, and medical devices. The new demonstration facility will receive JEOL’s top-of-line electron microscopes and spectrometers over the coming months and will soon benefit clients across these sectors.

The partnership deepens JEOL’s presence in Silicon Valley and will expand Covalent’s capacity and capabilities offered. The demonstration facility will serve as a platform to research and highlight technologies and methods tailored for advanced material and device analysis. JEOL will work closely with Covalent’s team of experts to deepen understanding of the market’s analytical needs – informing JEOL’s development of next generation hardware, software, and applications research.

The Covalent and JEOL USA partnership delivers on their commitment to providing market access to advanced learning opportunities, and access to expertise and firsthand experience with cutting-edge instrumentation. The partners will host a variety of demonstrations and educational events at the lab’s demonstration facility. JEOL’s commitment to providing Covalent experts access to the company’s newest instruments, ensures Covalent customers benefit from the most advanced instrumentation available.

Craig Hunter, Covalent Founder and CEO, commented, “JEOL has been a pioneer and leader in analytical instrumentation for 70 years. Their products are enabling some of the most exciting science and engineering happening around the world right now – work that is revolutionizing so many aspects of our modern society. We are honored that JEOL has chosen to partner in such a meaningful way with Covalent, and we are thrilled to house their Silicon Valley and West Coast demonstration lab here in Sunnyvale.”

Robert Pohorenec, President of JEOL USA, stated, “Covalent Metrology provides world-class expertise to a very diverse set of industries in order to solve very complex problems. They and their clients require state-of-the-art metrology and analytical instrumentation. Partnering with Covalent Metrology is an exciting opportunity for JEOL to expand awareness of JEOL’s technology in the industries served by Covalent and it will provide us deeper insight into the needs of researchers and industries that both our organizations desire to serve.”

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