Pricing: Analytical Services

ApplicationTechniqueInstrumentPricing starts @
Crystallinity, composition and residual stress:
Thin films, bulk & other low texture materials
XRD: Qual. Phase IDRigaku Smartlab$380 / sample
XRD: Crystallinity, Crystallite Size OR Texture AnalysisRigaku Smartlab$3801 / sample
– 2 of 3 aboveRigaku Smartlab$6001 / sample
– All 3 aboveRigaku Smartlab$8001 / sample
XRD: Quant. Phase IDRigaku Smartlab$600 / sample
XRD: Residual StressRigaku Smartlab$380 / sample

Orientation, composition, quality and residual stress:

Epitaxial films, single crystals & other high texture materials

XRD: Pole FiguresRigaku Smartlab$400 / sample
XRD: OffcutRigaku Smartlab$400 / sample
XRD: Residual StressRigaku Smartlab$6002 / sample
XRD: Rocking Curves, Quality (per plane)Rigaku Smartlab$5002 / sample
XRD: Rocking Curves, Composition & Thickness (per plane)Rigaku Smartlab$7002 / sample
Thickness, density, interfacial roughnessXRRRigaku Smartlab$500 / sample
Optical constants, thicknessSpectral Ellipsometry, Mapping, 10-pointWoollam VASE 2000 DI$250 / sample
Spectral Ellipsometry, Variable Angle, Single-pointWoollam VASE 2000 DI$125 / sample
Optical transmission, reflectionUV-VIS-NIR SpectrophotometryPerkin Elmer 1050$125 / sample3

Surface Topography / Roughness

Critical Dimension Analysis

Step Heights / Thicknesses

Laser ConfocalKeyence VK-X1100$300 / hour
White Light InterferometryZygo ZeGage Plus$225 / hour
Wide-area 3D measurementKeyence VR-3200$225 / hour
Keyence VR-5200$275 / hour
Advanced Optical MicroscopyKeyence VHX-S660E$225 / hour
AFM / SPM: Roughness / TopographyBruker Dimension Icon/FastScan$175 / image4
AFM: Advanced Modes (KPFM)Bruker Dimension Icon/FastScan$475 / hour
μ-CTRigaku CT Lab HX130Please contact us
Chromatic Dispersion ProfilometryFRT$360 / hour
SEMHitachi 4700$225 / hour
HR-SEMThermo Fisher G5 FEI Scios DB (magnetic sample)$375 / hour

Large Area SEM

(up to 15”)

FEI Expida 1265$325 / hour

Environmental SEM

(temp cont, CL)

FEI Quanta ESEM$325 / hour

Cross sectional analysis:

Structure, thicknesses, interfaces, composition

SEM + EDX/EDSHitachi 4700 w/ EDAX 70mm Octane Elect Si Drift Detector$275 / hour
FIB-HR-SEMThermo Fisher G5 FEI Scios DB (magnetic sample)$375 / hour
FIB-HR-SEM + EDX/EDS$400 / hour
TEM (include sample prep)Thermo Fisher Talos FEI Tecnai$850 / sample
TEM + EDX/EDS$1250 / sample
TEM + EELS$1500 / sample5
Hardness, adhesion, coefficient of friction, stressNano-IndentBruker Hysitron TI Prem$300 / sample
Scratch$450 / sample
Wear-box$700 / sample
Particle size / locationParticle Counter (SP1)SurfScan SP1$225 / wafer
Particle Counter (SP3)SurfScan SP3$400 / wafer
Particle size distributionDynamic Light Scattering (DLS)Litesizer 500$325 / wafer
Particle Size Analysis (PSA)PSA 1190LD$150 / sample#
RheologyViscosity & Rheological PropertiesRheometer MCR 302$350 / wafer
Zeta PotentialColloidal Dispersion Litesizer 500$300 / sample#
Solid Surface SurPASS 3$300 / sample#
Polymer AnalysisTGATA Instruments Q600 or equivalent$300 / sample
DSCTA Instrument DSC-2920$300 / sample
TMATA Instrument Q400Please contact us
DMATA Instrument Q800Please contact us
FTIR Microscope (Ge/Diamond-C Crystal)Thermo Fisher Nicolet 6700$225 / sample
TGA-FTIRPerkin Elmer, TA Inst.$600 / sample
Pyrolysis FTIRPerkin Elmer, CDS pyrolyzer$250 / sample
Surface & Bulk
XPS-SurveyThermo Scientific Nexsa or equivalent$365 / sample6
XPS-Survey Hi Res$730 / sample6
XPS-Depth Profile$1095 / sample
XPS-Mapping$1460 / sample
XPS-ISS $365 / sample
XPS-UPS (Valence Band)Please contact us
XPS-UPS (Band Gap Measurement)Please contact us
TOF-SIMSION-TOF Model IVPlease contact us
TOF-SIMSPHI$800 / hour
EPMA-BasicCameca SX100$325 / sample
EPMA-Complete$650 / sample
AugerCustom$335 / hour
Auger-Higher-end scanningPHI 710$650 / hour
WDXRF-Survey scan QuantificationRigaku AZX400$400 / hour7
Elemental & Chemical AnalysisNMR: LiquidBruker Avance III-HD 500 MHz NMR & Others$80/ sample
NMR: SolidBruker Avance III-HD 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer$700 / sample
FTIRNicolet 6700 and others$225 / sample
ATR-FTIRPerkin Elmer Optima$175 / sample
ICPMS / ICP-OES$350 / prep
$450 / sample
LA-ICPMSContact us$700 / sample
GD-MSContact us$600 / sample
Pyrolysis & Thermal Desorption GCMSAgilent 7890GC with 5975 MS$390 / sample

* For standard jobs in these techniques, which is determined at quote issuance

1 If given accurate qualitative phase ID

2 If given crystallographic orientation

3 Minimum 3 images at this price

4 Minimum 4 samples at this price

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