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Black and green: catalyst and membranes for fuel cells

The role of particle size, zeta potential and surface zeta potential in the development and quality control of catalyst and ion exchange membranes for fuel cells.

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Fuel cell catalyst and membrane materials in black and green (analysis by Covalent Metrology).

Excerpted from the Text:

In this application report we will focus on catalytic material and ion-conducting membranes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) whose major components are listed in Table 1. The PEMFCs have a quite broad range of applications due to their sufficiently low working temperature and quick start up times. An exemplary model of PEMFC is depicted in Figure 1. The membrane typically consists of a carbon
support, Pt particles, an ion-conducting membrane (e.g. Nafion ionomer), and/or Teflon binder.

In this report we demonstrate how the particle size, zeta potential and surface zeta potential give important information for the development and the production of catalytic material and ion conducting membranes with improved efficiency.

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