Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Covalent’s consulting solutions provide a cost-effective way to flex your team’s capacity and accelerate resolution of your R&D challenges. Customers enjoy flexible access to a broad and deep bench of state-of-the-art instruments and world class experts without the capital and fixed costs associated with extensive internal staffing and labs.

Consulting relationships can be crafted around specific projects on a retainer or hourly basis.

We also offer bundled support packages for customers looking to outsource all or most of their metrology and characterization function, including customer on-site support for instrument operation and maintenance at the customer facility.

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Specific projects examples of our services include:

  • Research on new analytical techniques
  • Evaluations of instrument and software options (e.g. compare models, vendors, etc.)
  • Experiment designs leveraging multiple techniques to access critical data
  • Review, analysis, modeling, and other support for interpretation of complex data sets collected by your team
    See also: Advanced Modeling and Data Analysis

Covalent offers a flexible billing structure to accommodate monthly, project-based, or longer-term engagements. Short-term consulting services are billed hourly at rates set based on consultants’ level of expertise and seniority.

Contact Us to talk through your specific project or longer-term needs, and to find out how Covalent’s Solutions team can help.