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Devices and components can fail to operate properly for many reasons. Accurately determining root causes of these failures requires extensive experience, keen attention to detail and access to a range of analytical techniques.

In 2020, Covalent acquired the business and integrated the team from Riga Analytical: a highly regarded failure analysis lab founded by Giorgio Riga in 1982. Combining the experienced Riga team with the full suite of advanced analytical techniques and expertise at Covalent has dramatically expanded our FA service offering. Our FA expertise covers a wide range of products, including chips, PC boards and many types of advanced componentry used in medical devices, semiconductor manufacturing, displays and consumer electronics, to name a few.

Whether you are the manufacturer or the user of devices that are not working properly, Covalent Metrology is fully equipped to help.

Failure Analysis Services:
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PCB Board Cleanliness Testing by Ion Chromatography Please Contact Us
Angle Lapping Please Contact Us
Die Parallel Lapping Preparation Please Contact Us
PCB and Package Parallel Lapping Please Contact Us
Hipot Testing Please Contact Us
C3 Localized Extraction Please Contact Us
Partial Board Extraction Please Contact Us
Full Board Extraction Please Contact Us
Metallographic Analysis Please Contact Us
Die Decapsulation Please Contact Us
General Electrical Testing of PCBs and Electronic Devices Please Contact Us
Electrical Microprobing Please Contact Us
Continuity and Electrical Insulation Testing Please Contact Us
Thermal Conductivity Testing Please Contact Us
Thermal Emissivity Please Contact Us
Photoluminescence Spectroscopy / Fluorescence Spectroscopy Please Contact Us

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