FIB-SEM + Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

FIB-SEM + Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
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FIB-SEM + Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (FIB-SEM + EDS)
$475 / Hour

  • Ultra-high resolution imaging capabilities (limit resolution is < 1 nm)
  • Able to image multi-modal, sub-surface, and 3D information
  • FIB enables precise manipulation of sample in-situ: cutting, cleaving, trenching, exposing, and ion-welding of different fragments on the sample for imaging and analysis
  • Analysis is destructive
  • Insulating materials impair precision of ion beam action and reduce imaging resolution
Sample Requirements
  • Solid phase
  • Must be vacuum stable
  • Maximum Sample Height: 55 mm
  • Maximum Sample Weight: 500 g (including sample-holder)
  • Maximum Lateral Dimension: 150 mm (larger samples enabled with reduced rotation)
Instruments Used for (FIB-SEM + EDS)
Thermo Scientific Helios 5 DualBeam

Thermo Scientific Helios 5 DualBeam

  • Maximum Horizontal Field Width: 2.3 mm at 4 mm WD
  • Electron Beam:
    • Resolution Limit: 0.7 nm at 1 kV
    • Current Range: 0.8 pA to 100 nA
    • Accelerating Voltage Range: 350 V to 30 kV
  • Ion Beam:
  • Electron Beam:
    • Resolution Limit: 4.0 nm at 30 kV using preferred statistical method
    • Current Range: 1 pA to 100 nA
    • Accelerating Voltage Range: 500 V to 30kV

Thermo Scientific Scios DualBeam

Optimized to achieve best performance across a wide array of sample types.

  • Powerful charge neutralization
  • Enables analysis on magnetic samples
  • Able to operate above vacuum pressure
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